Grinding and Coating

Cus utensili offers high quality and fast grinding & coating service.
Our goal is to extend the life of all your drilling, milling, reaming and countersinking tools from all manufacturers.

We will ensure that this process involves removing as little material as possible while guaranteeing optimum grinding quality.
We can also suggest and provide the right coating for your tools to achieve maximum performance.

Read all the tools we can grind and coat:

  • Carbide special tools
  • Hss special tools
  • Brazed special tools
  • Carbide reamers
  • Carbide countersink tools
  • Carbide milling tools
  • Carbide corner radius cutters
  • Carbide spherical cutters
  • Carbide disc cutter tools
  • 3 flutes disc cutter tools
  • Carbide drills
  • Hob
  • Thread
  • Circular saw
  • Industrial Blade
  • Carbide inserts

Your advantages

  • Safe in machining thanks to the strict criteria used to restore their original geometry.
  • Saving tools costs
  • Saving manufacturing costs
  • Reduction of stocks thanks to the punctuality of the service
  • Crystal clear prices

Delivery time
We usually need 15 days calculating from the date we receive your tools in our plant.

For any extra information please just contact us!